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We will go into how I consult with my clients prior to our Children's Character Portrait Session. What I’m after and the “Authenticity” that we need in order to make these type of pictures to really shine. The clothing, the dirt, the expression, and the props. We’ll then go into how we produce the portraits including how I light them, what I’ve found to be good working exposures, the poses that work well, and how many shots I try to make. These portraits are also about efficiency. Finally, we’ll go into the post production that I do to finish these images along with sizes I offer to clients. These are commissioned portraits rather than volume sessions. Questions - Its my goal to leave you prepared to start producing these as soon as you are ready. The great thing about in person education is being able to ask questions. So please don’t be afraid to ask - it’s the best way we can all learn!


Getting to know a little bit about Pete Rezac

Greetings friends and colleagues of the Professional Photographers of Michigan from the Biggest Little City in the World a.k.a Reno, NV!  My name is Pete Rezac and I’m thrilled to be invited to be a part of your convention next March!  I’ve been asked to write a little article to let you know who the heck I am! - Well I’m Pete!

I run a  small business out of the front of our home located in Reno specializing in Luxury Photography, with an emphasis on Fine Art Black & White Portrait photography with 4x5 view camera.  I have earned Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman degrees along with earning my Certified Professional Photographer credential from the Professional Photographers of America.  My wife, Molly, and I have been married 15 years (by the time you are reading this - I hope we’re still married).  We have 2 kiddos - Eric - who is in 7th grade and Madeleine who is in 4th grade.  Additionally, we have a 2 year old beautiful knucklehead English Cream Golden Retriever named Lucy - who keeps me company throughout the day!

I’m not originally from the West Coast.  I grew up in the upper Midwest in the state capital of South Dakota, which is named Pierre (rhymes with Beer) and is located along the banks of the Missouri River in central South Dakota.  I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, but obviously I’m no longer an engineer!  Quite frankly I should have never been an engineer, but I had an amazing college experience! The school part not so much, but man was college fun!!!  After graduation in 1993 I found my way to the upper Great Northwest, actually way up North to Valdez Alaska where I worked on the Trans Alaska Pipeline for a couple of years. It was in Alaska that I discovered photography, by complete accident.  I’ll tell you more about that during my presentation next March.  What I can tell you is it was there in a darkroom that my love for black and white photography was born.  I hope to learn from many of you when you first realized photography would be your profession as well and my love for the black and white genre of the craft.

Fast forward a few years and I found my way to Reno and continued working as an engineer, and even being transferred to the St. Louis area for a brief period of time, long enough to become a St. Louis Cardinals fan!  GO CARDS!!!.  It was also when I realized that I enjoyed speaking to groups, as I was a Sales Engineer at that time, and I taught engineers and contractors all the great and wonderful things about cable trays, pipe hangers, and seismic support systems (Yawn).  I spent a great deal of time traveling up and down the West Coast from St. Louis so lots of time looking at the world from an airplane window and dreaming about one day being my own boss, but no idea that it would be a portrait photographer.

The great recession of 2008 turned out to be a great turning point in my life as it took a couple of years to sink in for the commercial and industrial construction industry to essentially stop, and earn me a ticket to a lunch date that changed everything.  It was the “Hard Decisions” lunch where I was let go of the corporate world!  So essentially rather than working to eventually be a small business owner I was now officially get my act together and become full time!  It was about the same time I found PPA and all the wonderful things PPA has provided me.  Again we can discuss more of that in person next March.

So there you have it a bit about me.  I don’t really have any hobbies except for photography - I’m sure that is no surprise for many of you as I bet this craft has consumed all of your interest too!  I use to play competitive golf before golf was cool.  It was so long ago that wood were made of wood, golf shoes had steel spikes, and 250 yards was a crushed drive! :-)  I decided that I could better use that green fees money towards photographic education.  I do still enjoy traveling and still watching the world go by from 35, 000 feet.  I still think its amazing that those big airplanes can fly, just like those guys 150 plus years ago figured out that silver was reactive to light and figuring out the chemistry to develop it.  Those things just fascinate me.  I guess that’s the just the engineer in me!

I look forward to meeting a bunch of you in Februuary and I hope you’ll come to my day long hands on class on Black & White Children’s Character Portraits!  We’ll have some fun, get dirty, get some kids dirty, have some more fun, make some mistakes, have some great successes, and hopefully at the end of the day have made a bunch of new friends and memories along with some amazing images!  - Cheers!!!


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