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About the Award

Volunteers truly are the lifeblood of PPA and its Affiliates. Every association has those extraordinary volunteers whose efforts on behalf of the Affiliate and its members deserve special recognition.

Seeking a way to thank these individuals, Professional Photographers of America created the National Award in 1958. Each year, PPA makes this prestigious award available to state, regional, national and international affiliates – who then present it to deserving individuals. 

The highest honor granted by a PPA Affiliate, it recognizes those whose support for photography goes far beyond any regular expectations or contributions. The simple inscription on this plaque reads “for service to professional photography” – but we know that this award means far more than that.

The National Award is offered by PPA to state, regional, national and international affiliated organizations on a yearly basis. First made available in 1958, the award recognizes those who generously contribute their time and talents to the service of their profession, their affiliated organization and their fellow photographers. Selections of the award are determined by the recipient’s peers, adding to its distinction and value.

PPA is the largest international non-profit association created by professional photographers, for professional photographers. Almost as long-lived as photography itself, PPA has roots back to 1869 and is now headquartered in Atlanta, Ga. It has never stopped growing and looking for new ways to assist its now 26,000 members through protection, education and resources for their continued success in the industry. See why photographers love PPA at

Congratulations to this years recipient:

Shawn Lee

PPA National award recipients

1958 Montelle Chase
1959 Bervin Johnson
1960 Ferris Parsons
1961 Charles Haynes
1962 Allen Arnold
1963 Harry P. Windhorst
1964 Gertrude Arnold
1965 No Award Given
1966 Herman Barth
1967 Delbert Conkright
1968 No Award Given
1969 Elaine Cousino
1970 Eva Briggs
1971 Elrich Schmidt
1972 Dimitri & Florence LaZaroff
1973 Murray White
1974 Richard Rummel
1975 W.J.S. Hicks
1976 Bud Moyer
1977 Leo Knight
1978 Jerry DeMotts
1979 Lance Ferraro
1980 Alice Haboian

1981 Terry Thurn
1982 Keith Murphy
1983 Helen Yancy
1984 Edward Hicks
1985 Orville Elma
1986 Al Tedrick
1987 Robert Clark
1988 Don & Betty Packer
1989 Alice Sayles
1990 Josephy & Gail Kubek
1991 No Award Given
1992 Robert & Mary Stewart
1993 Bill & Eve Frabotta
1994 Ron Tocco
1995 Mike Rouhan
1996 Robert Hillier
1997 Curt Frook
1998 Ron Nichols
1999 Edie Andrew
2000 Barry Rankin
2001 Michael Prokopowicz
2002 Mark Allen
2003 Jack Marion

2004 John & Jean Owen
2005 Bob and Linda Guillani
2006 Basil & Margaret Pecknyo
2007 Rod Gleason
2008 Dennis & Lori Craft
2009 John Marion
2010 Greg Ockerman
2011 David & Denise Boyce
2012 Patrick & Pamela Buschmohle
2013 David Deutsch
2014 Michael & Tina Timmons
2015 James Churchill
2016 Tom Hicks
2017 Andrew Jenkins
2018 David M Humphrey
2019 Darcy Olson
2020 Steve Weck
2021 Kari Douma

2022 Sue and Steve Brown

2023 Karen Walker

2024 Shawn Lee


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