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PPA Councilors

What is a PPA Councilor?

PPA is truly a member-owned organization. PPA members govern the organization through representatives in the PPA Council, which consists of:

  • Elected councilors in all 50 states, U.S. territories and Canada
  • Members of the Board of Directors
  • Chairmen of Standing Committees
  • Past PPA Presidents 
  • Current Presidents of PPA International Affiliates

Elected Councilors must be Professional Active, Additional Active, Life, or Retired PPA members. They can be nominated by a PPA Affiliate or by 5 individual Professional Active, Additional Active, Life or Retired members of PPA. 

Elections are held every 3 years (ballots are sent and tabulated electronically) beginning in the spring and new Councilors officially take office July 1st. All PPA Professional Active, Additional Active, Life and Retired members have the right to vote. Remember: PPA is a member-supported and a member-driven organization. Members run PPA, in great part, through your elected representatives!

Once elected, PPA Council members represent all PPA members in their respective states. A Councilor's duties include attending state and local association meetings, encouraging membership in PPA, and maintaining a constant connection between PPA members and PPA headquarters.

Councilors must attend one annual meeting held at Imaging USA and be prepared to handle Association business, which may include Bylaws and Adopted Procedure changes and the election of the PPA Board of Directors and/or its nominating Committee.

Here are your PPM elected PPA Councilors for  2021-2023

Adam Carroll, M.Photog. Cr. M. Wed. Photog., CPP
 Shelly Bush CPP


Kari Douma, M.Photog. Cr. M. Wed. Photog., CPP
 Angela Lawson M.Photog.CR., CPP


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